Gait Therapy St Johns, MI

Gait Training

Gait training is a way to improve your ability to stand and walk. Typically there are muscular imbalances and/or structural abnormalities which affect your daily movements and can have a profound effect on your daily activities.

Who can benefit from Gait Training?

Anyone with an acute (past 72 hours) or recurring/chronic condition affecting the ability to stand or walk on even/uneven surfaces could benefit from gait training.  Do you have difficulty walking up or downstairs? Do you have difficulty walking in the yard? Do you need to return to sports as soon as possible? Do you need to learn how to walk (e.g. pediatrics, stroke)?  We can help!

Our skilled therapists are able to analyze and recommend appropriate interventions to improve your ability to return to sports, reduce the use of an assistive device and/or reduce the risk of falls. Gait training or gait rehabilitation is the act of learning how to walk, either as a child, or, more frequently, after sustaining an injury or due to disability. Gait training is a commonly-used form of physical therapy to significantly improve strengths, mobility, and overall fitness. Contact Us Today at St Johns, MI Center to get started.